Home bars are a bigger priority than a new kitchen – according to new research

July 9, 2022

Home bars are a bigger priority than a new kitchen – according to new research

Would you choose a home bar over a renovated kitchen? Designers respond to the most sought-after space of the season.

Kitchens have enjoyed a long time at the peak of renovation wishlists; however, this season, a new space has stolen its crown. And your home is about to get even more fun. https://e5712076abb6abd8638348df5982fe80.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html
A new study* revealed that home bars are now a bigger priority than a new kitchen after one in 13 UK-based homeowners shared plans to create a home bar in 2022. 
Of the 2,000 homeowners interviewed, 7 percent showed said they would turn their home bar ideas into a reality this 2022 – and they would set aside approximately $17,800 (£14,000) for the renovation process. This is a larger budget than homeowners are willing to spend on new kitchen ideas, home gyms, and new porches. 
‘Our priorities are shifting, with homeowners wanting to use more of their money on creating new spaces for at-home socializing instead of spending it on staples like a new kitchen. 2022 is definitely the year of the home bar,’ says Adrienne Minster, the CEO of *Rated People(opens in new tab) who conducted the survey.


Is this the year that the home bar becomes more important than the kitchen? Here, top designers respond to the study. 
‘Open-plan kitchens are unsurprisingly the most popular due to the entertainment possibilities; it’s therefore only natural that home bars have quickly become high on the wish list,’ say Jen and Mar, the Founders of Interior Fox(opens in new tab)
According to the designers, the rise in demand for home bars is evident; however, it doesn’t mean that kitchens are no longer popular. Rather, home bars are made popular by the demand for entertainment-focused kitchens – where you can create a home bar as part of your overall scheme. 
Home bar with island and bar stools
‘The options are endless when it comes to creating your own bar. An existing kitchen cupboard can easily be converted, or even a larder makes for a fantastic bar,’ they say. 
James Bodsworth, the Design Director at Daval(opens in new tab), agrees. He explains that the surge in interest in home bars is simultaneous with the demand for open-plan and broken plan kitchens that are perfect for entertaining. 
The designer urges you to experiment with bar countertop ideas in your kitchen – to create a feature that is right on trend – and could be one of the best ways to add value to your home. 
Home bar ideas with dining table
‘It’s safe to say the market is enjoying whole-house interior design schemes so that the kitchen living space now includes added-value living areas like a home bar with ease,’ he says. 
James adds that the demand for a more ‘hybrid home interiors’ underlines the market’s determination ‘to optimize the home and offer a bar area that is separate from the main kitchen, for extra privacy and comfort.’
So, the rise of the home bar doesn’t mean the end of the kitchen completely. Still, we predict the demand for a home bar isn’t going away, so prepare to watch this feature evolve for seasons to come. 
Source: HomesandGardens.com, Megan Slack

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