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Does Spring Cleaning Make You Feel Better? 78% of People Notice a Boost in Their Well-Being When Their Home Is Tidy

March 31, 2022

Does Spring Cleaning Make You Feel Better? 78% of People Notice a Boost in Their Well-Being When Their Home Is Tidy

‘Tis the season for tidying and cleaning up your spaces (the first day of spring is finally just a few days away!). According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of TruGreen, sticking with your annual spring cleaning routine could help with your well-being. Of the 2,000 American homeowners who were part of this study, researchers found that 78 percent of them noticed a connection between the cleanliness of their home and their health and wellness. What’s more, 75 percent of respondents said they felt boosts in their stress based on their home’s messiness, while 70 percent also noticed the stress with untidy outdoor areas.

With the start of spring just days away, it’s no surprise that people currently have their annual cleaning routine on their minds: Over 1,600 of the survey respondents make this their yearly practice and 72 percent of them said that it helps their well-being. In addition, 53 percent shared that it helps them feel more productive, 48 percent explained that it helps them welcome the change in season, and 47 percent noted that it allows them to prepare for seasonal activities.

On average, it takes the participants over two weeks to complete their spring cleaning each year (50 percent of respondents logged 16 days, to be exact). Some study volunteers need even more time: Six percent require 29 days to get through their spring cleaning checklist. This regimen feels daunting to many of them, as 68 percent noted that it feels overwhelming each year and, on average, participants wait about six days to tackle their most difficult spring cleaning tasks. The order usually looks like this: Start in the bathroom (56 percent), clean the refrigerator (55 percent), clean and organize the garage (53 percent), clean the pantries (48 percent), mow the lawn (46 percent), and organize the basement and attic (44 percent).

Out of all participants, 59 percent said they would enlist the help of spring cleaning professionals to handle the tasks at hand. “Nothing feels quite as satisfying as a clean home and spruced-up outdoor living space—and the spring, a season that welcomes new beginnings—is the perfect time to make that happen,” said Marc Mayer, TruGreen’s Director of Technical Operations, in a statement. “But we also know how long—and stressful—that list can be.”

It’s not just our interior spaces that impact our well-being. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners worked to improve their personal outdoor spaces, and 75 percent of respondents expressed gratitude for their extensions of their homes; furthermore, 75 percent of those surveyed even noted that these areas have became an “oasis” over the last two years.

“With Americans spending more time at home throughout the ongoing pandemic, they appear to be prioritizing improving their homes, with 78 percent of respondents agreeing that they take a greater sense of pride in their home’s appearance and 69 percent take pride in their outdoor space,” Mayer said. “As we round the corner to warmer months ahead, with more than half of respondents intending to use their outdoor living space more this year while they remain working from home, it’s important to make the investment now in ensuring your lawn, trees and shrubs are healthy and weed- and pest-free.”

Source: MarthaStewart.com, Nashia Baker

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